Tokuro Fujiwara (藤原 得郎 Fujiwara Tokurō?) is a Japanese game designer known for his roles in a number of successful gaming franchises from the 1980s.

Career Edit

Fujiwara began his career with Konami in 1982 as the director of arcade games Pooyan and Roc'n Rope. In 1983 he left to join Capcom. His first two arcade directions for Capcom were Vulgus and Pirate Ship Higemaru, but his first major success was with 1985's Ghosts 'n Goblins, the 1988 sequel he also directed. Also in that year came Bionic Commando and his Producer debut with Mega Man 2. In 1989 Fujiwara produced DuckTales, with Keiji Inafune also attached to the project. 1989 also saw the release of the NES horror RPG Sweet Home. His final role in Capcom was Resident Evil, where he served as General Producer.[1]


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