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Tokyo is the capital city of the island nation of Japan. It was the epicenter of the Global T-Virus pandemic, and later, headquarters for an Umbrella facility in which Albert Wesker resided in.[2]


Apocalypse and ExtinctionEdit

During the outbreak in Raccoon City, Tokyo was one of the first major locations in the world to be affected by the t-virus.[3] It's first victim was a young woman who attacked an unsuspecting businessman in the crowd.[3] Eventually the virus spread and Tokyo was overrun by zombies and deserted of any living humans. As the surface was no longer safe to inhabit, all key figures within the Umbrella Corporation fled underground into the Umbrella Corporation Headquarters where they continued to conduct experiments with the virus.[2] Only Umbrella's top operatives patrolled the surface, sniping the undead from isolated points high above the decimated streets.[3]


In an attempt to murder Albert Wesker, Alice and several Alice clones broke into the base. Wesker escaped the base in a tilitrotor aircraft, detonating a powerful bomb on the way out. The bomb's enormous blast radius seemingly destroyed a significant area of Tokyo, if not the whole city.[3]

Retribution Edit

Inside the Umbrella Prime facility resides a replica of Tokyo Square. During Alice's escape from the interrogation room, she enters the Tokyo simulation created to monitor the spread of the t-Virus among the human populace. The simulation appears to recreate the initial spread of the infection with the girl who steps into the street and attacks the businessman. However, she bumps into Alice before stopping in the middle of the intersection and attacking her target. After that, several other undead attack the surrounding populace, causing a panic. Alice runs out of the simulation into a narrow white corridor where she squares off with the young woman and several other zombies. The replica is later destroyed along the facility.[4]


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