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Tower Emblems are a collectible item in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Found across the game, they appear as coins. Shooting them will unlock content in the game's Extras menu.


Episode 1: Penal ColonyEdit

There are eight Tower Emblems throughout Episode 1.

Claire and Moira
Barry and Natalia

Episode 2: ContemplationEdit

There are nine Tower Emblems throughout Episode 2.

Claire and Moira
Barry and Natalia

Episode 3: JudgmentEdit

There are eleven Tower Emblems throughout Episode 3.

Claire and Moira
Barry and Natalia

Episode 4: MetamorphosisEdit

There are ten Tower Emblems throughout Episode 4.

Claire and Moira
Barry and Natalia

Further notesEdit

  • The front of the Tower Emblem displays an image of the Monument, while the back features an image of Alex Wesker.
  • The front and back appearance of the Tower Emblem can be unlocked on Resident as profile icons.
  • Gold Tower Emblems are featured in Raid Mode, where players must destroy them with a melee attack in order to complete each mission, similar to the gold BSAA Emblems in the first game's Raid Mode.


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