Town Resident's Memo is a file in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


This file is located on the first floor of the living house in the room near the elevator.


(Written in Russian)

Things have changed so much since she came here. Our Zabytij is almost like a completely different island now.

There's new equipment in the mines. And the jobs! Not just laborers, but she's employing people as researchers as well. There are so many employment opportunities.

I cannot express my gratitude to her deeply enough.

Despite this, there are those who doubt her. Such ingrates! If you don't like it, you're always free to leave this place.

救世主様がこの島に来られてからというもの、 島は見違えるように好況になった。

鉱山に新たに建設された施設に、 俺たち島民を、 雑用だけでなく研究員としてまで、 大量に雇用してくれるなんて。



気に入らないのなら、 そいつらが島から出ていけばいいんだ。



  • Tada, Takuji, ed (2015). BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS 2 ULTIMANIA. Square Enix. 


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