Resident Evil is a line of figurines made by Toy Biz.


Chimera/The HunterEdit

ToyBiz-Hunter & Chimera

"Hunter is Umbrella's designation for the creatures who are the result of utilizing the T-Virus to alter human DNA which is thn sliced with the DNA of numerous vicious, caeniverous animals. The Hunter's sole purpose is to track down and devour its prey.

Chimeras are the result of the effects of the T-Virus and insect DNA, mutated and mixed with human cells. These fersome creatures skitter across the ceiling of te laboratory, waiting to drop down onto unspecting victims. As its tendrils grasp and hook its prey into place, its clawed arm makes the final attack."
— Product description

Forest Speyer/Lab Coat ZombieEdit

ToyBiz-Zombie & Speyer

The figurines in their casing

Zombie and Speyer is a product produced by Toy Biz as part of their Resident Evil line of figurines. This pack contains models of both Forest Speyer and a zombie.

Web Spinner/Jill ValentineEdit

This package contained a five inch tall moddel of Jill Valentine, along with a Web Spinner.

Cerberus/Chris RedfieldEdit