Resident Evil 2 is a line of figurines made by Toy Biz.


Ada and Ivy

ToyBiz-Ada & Ivy

The figurines in their package

"Ada Wong is a mysterious woman who came to Raccoon City to investigate Umbrella's unnatural experiments. It is unclear who she works for or what her motives are, but she is a tough, independent woman who is determined to get to the bottom of the Umbrella conspiracy. During her ordeal through the Raccoon City Police Department, she met up with Leon Kennedy, the rookie cop. As they struggle to escape the madness that is Raccoon City, Ada secretly pursues her own agenda; to obtain a sample of the G-Virus. Ada learned of Umbrella's experiments from letters sent by her former boyfriend John, a scientist from Umbrella's mansion laboratory destroyed in the outskirts of Raccoon City.

Ivy is the result of Umbrella's bio-genetic experiments merging plant and animal DNA. Ivy has an appetitle for human flesh and an almost inescapable embrace. Ivy's long tendrils grab its victims while it secretes gaseous neuro toxins that can paralyze its prey in seconds."
— Character/B.O.W. descriptions on the back of the box.

Ada comes packaged with her handgun from Resident Evil 2 which fits into her hand with a peg. Her dress is made from cloth, unlike the rest of the figure which is plastic, and can be removed to reveal a black bodysuit with a sweetheart neckline underneath. Ada's head is able to swivel from side-to-side; her arms and legs can move up and down; and she is able to bend her elbows, knees, and ankles.

The Ivy comes with a knob at the back of its head, which when pressed causes its rubber "mouth" to open, revealing its flower-like insides which include 3D stamens. The knob allows the figure to simulate its in-game "vine grabbing & jaw chomping action" attacks, as advertised by the box. The Ivy can move its arms and legs up and down. The vines on its arms are bendable and hold their shape upon being moved.

Further notes

  • Although the back of the Jill/Ivy box advertises that Ada's dress can be removed, the design of the dress requires some handiwork in order to actually achieve this. Her dress collar is able to stretch over her head but her belt is made from a fitted band of material which is unable to slip over her hips or bust, meaning that it needs to be cut to remove the entire dress.
  • Over time, the Ivy figure may be prone to tears in its rubber material and the stamens may fall out of its mouth. As with many bendable figures, its internal wiring may also fail after extended use.


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