The Train Cabin is area an room of the train located at the turntable area featured in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Outbreak File 2.


The door inside the Train Cabin has a security panel that will locked when an emergency occur, unable passager to leave or enter the room. The control for the train are located in front, there is also a toilet in the Train Cabin.


In Residen Evil 2, the activation key can be found hanging on the right hand side. When the elevator are activated, Leon and Ada will go inside this train room before going down toward the Umbrella Laboratory. While on the way down toward the Umbrella laboratory, Ada was wounded by William Birkin who cut through the trail wall leaving. During an emergency occur, the security of the door will prohibited and unable Leon to get back inside once he's outside.

For Claire, Sherry will become unconscious during the effect of the emplantation of G-Young by William Birkin. Like Leon, Claire must go outside to face Birkin outside though she can't get back inside because the security panel was prohibited anyone to go inside.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
Checking Ada (Leon) She's unconscious...
Security Panel

Security panel

"In case of an emergency, the red light will turn on and access from outside will be prohibited for a limited time."