The hall (ホール?)[1] is a location within the Umbrella Executive Training Center building, part of the Umbrella Research Center.


This is the main hall in the Umbrella Research Facility. No enemies are in the hall, so it could be considered a save location. A typewriter is in the hall, which gives the player the opportunity to save progress.

The room is dimly lit, with a few torches to give light. Staircases leading to the higher levels of the room are present. An old, crimson carpet covers the stairs, and starts at the front door. On the second floor, several doors are present. Paintings are on the walls.

There is a statue of a woman, above the base of a scale. Two statues can be placed on the scales. On the first floor, is a huge portrait of the deceased Dr. James Marcus, the first director of the facility. Marcus was assassinated by William Birkin and Albert Wesker, on the orders of Ozwell E.Spencer.


Upon entering the room for the first time from the sewer, a scene will play where Billy and Rebecca look around and look at the painting of Marcus. Then the mysterious man explains to Birkin and Wesker his motives for revenge.


Locations Localization Original script
The painting of Marcus It's a huge portrait of the first director of the facility, James Marcus.
The torches A wall of flames rages in front of you. The fire shows no signs of relenting.
The ladder Climb down the ladder? (Choice: Yes / No)
The pottery This ceramic pot is decorated in an Oriental style. There doesn't seem to be anything special about it.
The front door while it is blocked (banging sound) The knights' swords firmly bar access to the door.
The top floor paintings The oil painting depicts two lovers at play.
The top floor window that looks outside The rain seems to have let up, but the sky is still covered with dark, ominous clouds.
The top floor statues It's a statue of a woman. She's strikingly beautiful, but her face shows no trace of kindness.
The middle statue (close view of scale) There's something written on the base: "When good and evil are brought into balance, a new path will be opened before you."
The door to the Rearing Pool while it is locked (door knob turning sound) It's locked from the other side.
The door to the Conference room while it is locked (door knob turning sound) The door is locked, but there doesn't seem to be a keyhole anywhere. The top part is engraved with the image of a clock.






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