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The Library (図書室 tosho-shitsu?) is an area of the training school.


The library provided the training school students with resources on biology and chemistry. Computer equipment was used in the room for database searches, and may have been upgraded into the 1980s. The equipment was used briefly by an Umbrella team sent to investigate the building for re-opening.


The Crank Handle is used here to allow the lift to be used. Using the lift as Billy will cause a scene to play where he turns the handle to lift Rebecca up. Gameplay resumes with the player controlling Rebecca in the Clock machine room. Microfilm A can be recovered from this room, against the door to the archives. An Ink ribbon can be found at the south-west corner of the room. In the centre is a map of the training school.[1]


Location Localization Original script
Northwest computer This computer was probably used for database searches, but it's covered with dust now.
The candle The candle is burnt out.
The door to the Archives while it is locked (view close up of door and locked door sound) It's locked.
The old man painting (view close up of painting) The old man is holding a candle in his hand. "This light will guide you to a greater truth···"
The west bookshelf The books on this shelf are compact, but they're all full of technical jargon.
The computer near west book shelf Someone has evidently used this computer recently. It doesn't seem to be working anymore, though.
The ladder This stepladder is even less stable than it looks. You'd probably end up breaking your neck if you tried to climb it.
Middle shelf The bookshelf contains an extensive variety of books. Most of them have to do with biology and chemistry.
East shelf The bookshelf contains a wide selection of books. There doesn't seem to be anything of interest.
The switch without the handle It's a winch control for a lift. There's a square-shaped hole in the panel.
The switch with the handle while no one is on the platform The lift looks usable. But you'll need someone to get onto it first.
The switch with the handle while someone is on the platform Use the lift? (Choice: Yes / No)
Attempting to use the lift while Billy is on it It doesn't look like Rebecca can use it.
The lift after it has been used The lift seems to have broken on its way up. It's no longer of any use.




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