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The Transforming Creature, as she appears in the Resident Evil Archives.

The "Transforming Creature" was a rejected enemy design for one of the earlier Resident Evil titles. It went through two designs before being rejected. In both instances they were drawn as mutating from a female test-subject wearing an Umbrella-branded gown, as confirmed in the term "変身" being used.[1]

Design A

The first design portrayed a slim human with an extra pair of eyes in the forehead. Its arms were to mutate into mouths halfway between the wrist and elbow, complete with tongues.

Design B

The second design was far less humanoid than the first, with much of the body being salivating mouths - a tongue can be seen extending out the back of the head. This design has the remnants of the hands form the end of the arm jaws. A smaller sketch shows the intended attack method of the creature, which was to get in front of a target and bite its arms off - Jill Valentine is used as an example.



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