The treatment plant dormitory (処理場宿舎 Shori-ba shukusha?)[1] is a room in the Treatment Plant built adjacent to the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory and Umbrella Executive Training Center.



A canister of Flame Rounds can be found on either side of the door to B6 communications B. Hangun ammunition can be found in various places in the room depending on the difficulty: 45 rounds in EASY; 30 in NORMAL, and another 30 in HARD.

A single Red and Green Herb can also be found in this room, along with a First Aid Spray.

There are six Ink Ribbons in this room on EASY, reduce to one for NORMAL and HARD. There is also a typewriter in this room.

The "About Battery Fluid" file can be found against the door to the prification chamber.[2]




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