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Tricell Researcher Miguel's Journal - No. 2 is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 5.


Ship Hold (24)

Turning this computer will enable player to read this file.

The file can be read by turning on the computer inside the room where Chris and Sheva encounter Excella Gionne at the Ship Hold during Chapter 6-1.


May 8
Our current aim is to develop a virus that surpasses the potential of both the G-Virus and T-Veronica virus.

We need to eliminate any extreme mutations, mental atrophy, and instability in the virus.

We were told not to be concerned with retention and rejection rates, but even still, overcoming these three problems is going to be a challenge.

Of course, all that is really only a problem for regular researchers.

I'm already on the cusp of overcoming two of the problems. The third is proving to be a bit trickier, so I may have to resort to some alternative methods.

Sometimes I frighten myself with my own ingenuity! Tricell is fortunate to have someone of my intelligence on their payroll.




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