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The Triple Shot is a Handgun that appears in Resident Evil 6. It is Sherry's starting weapon alongside her Stun Rod.

Gameplay Edit

Alternate Fire 3-shot burst
Shots Per Clip 20
Power 130
Critical Chance 8
Reload Speed A
Firing Speed S

Asides from the Wing Shooter, this unique handgun features a large capacity but lacks the firepower of the Picador and Nine-Oh-Nine (909). What makes ths weapon unique is its ability, at the player's will, to change the firing mode between Semi-Auto and 3 Rounds Burst. An average handgun if set on Semi-Auto, but quite lethal if 3 Rounds Burst is turned on, capable of killing enemies both powerful and weak quickly.

This weapon is used by Sherry in her default costume as a default load-out alongside the Stun Rod and the L.Hawk in the Mercenaries. It is also used by Piers Nivans in his default load-out as his secondary weapon in siege mode.


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