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Two on Two is a cutscene in Resident Evil 5. This scene is played once Chris and Sheva catch up with Wesker, who reveals Jill to them.



Sheva: "Excella Gionne! Stop right there!"

Excella: "Bravo!"

Chris: "Damn it, where is Jill!?"

Excella: "Hmph! Jill? Maybe I'll tell you, maybe I won't."

Chris: "Stop playing around, we want some answers!"

Wesker: "You haven't changed."

Chris: "Wesker! You ARE alive!"

Sheva: "This is Wesker?"

Wesker: "We last met at the... Spencer Estate, wasn't it? Well, isn't this one big family reunion? I would expect you to be happier to see us."

Chris: "Us...?"

Wesker: "So slow to catch on."

Chris: "Jill...Jill! It's me, Chris!"

Sheva: "What? Are you sure that's her?"

Wesker: "The one and only."

Wesker: "Now let's finish this once and for all. I think the odds are fair, two on two. Right, Jill?"

The original Japanese transcript for this file is not yet present. Please add it.



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