"Yeah, you know him? The one with the gray hair and ugly mug? I can't believe he had the guts to shoot me, that traitor!"
— Tyrell warning Carlos of Nikolai's treachery.

Tyrell Patrick was a mercenary within the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service and was a member of Bravo Platoon's Squad A.


Originally from the Republic of Surinam, Tyrell joined the French Foreign Legion after he moved to Holland.[1] During his time in the Legion, he became involved in the black market, where he sold arms that were supplied to him. After these weapons were discovered to have been used during a series of genocidal murders, he was court-martialed and sentenced to life imprisonment.

At that point, Umbrella approached him, offering him amnesty if he agreed to work for their paramilitary organization. He agreed and accepted the role of observer.[1]


"You saw what happened? I'm one of the supervisors, that's all you need to know!"
— Nikolai attempts to kill Carlos after the latter witnesses the shooting of Tyrell.

Tyrell Carlos

Tyrell warns Carlos that Nikolai is a traitor.


The booby trapped safe, rigged by Nikolai, that kills Tyrell.

As Carlos Oliveira searched Raccoon General Hospital for a cure to Jill Valentine's t-Virus infection, he encountered Tyrell in the hospital's basement.

Tyrell, who was attempting to open a safe at the time, warned Carlos of a traitorous U.B.C.S. agent with white hair, suggesting the person to be Nikolai. After his remark, the safe he opened was then revealed to have been booby-trapped via a bomb. Tyrell was killed in the resulting explosion.[1]

Alternate deathEdit

If Carlos chooses to go to the fourth floor first, he will have a completely different encounter with Tyrell. In this version, Carlos will bump into an act of attempted murder by Nikolai, as he fires at Tyrell in a hospital room.

Nikolai then turns his attention to Carlos and is about to shoot him, claiming, "I am one of the supervisors. That's all you need to know!". Tyrell still alive, however, intervenes by arming a hand grenade in the hopes of taking Nikolai with him. However, Nikolai jumps out of a nearby window, escaping the blast.

Further notesEdit

  • In Resident Evil: Nemesis, S.D. Perry's novelization of the game, Tyrell is renamed as "Ken Franklin" and dies blowing himself up trying to kill Nikolai.
  • Despite the hand grenade exploding in close-proximity to him in his alternative death scene with Nikolai, his body is left intact when examined.
  • He seemed highly paranoid, as he kept his firearm trained on Carlos despite the U.B.C.S. soldier being kept out of the loop and having no knowledge of the observer unit.


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