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UT Commander dies (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Survivor.



Ark: "Who...?!"

'UT Commander: "I can't believe you're not dead yet..."

Ark: "You're human... You must be the leader of the cleaner unit sent by Umbrella to destroy the evidence of this biohazard."

'UT Commander : "Whatever! I don't have time for your pathetic case. I have already set the self-destructing system. This island will be gone in a matter of minutes. Adios, Ark!"

'UT Commander : "Augh...! This-can't-be...! Augh..."

Ark: "!?"

'UT Commander: "住生際が悪いな…"

Ark: "貴様…人間か"
"バイオハザードの証拠を隠滅するために、 アンブレラが"

'UT Commander : "生憎だが貴様の質問に応える時間はない、

'UT Commander : "そ、 そんな…"

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