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Ubersoldat Super Tyrant

The Übersoldat in its Super Tyrant form.

The Übersoldat was a model of Tyrant developed in the 21st century by Giesel Industries as a derivation of Umbrella's production line. Übersoldat comes from the German words for "super soldier".

The creature was encountered and fought by a team of BSAA agents led by Holiday Sugarman and Mina Gere in South America.[1]


As with any Tyrant, the Übersoldat stood much taller than a normal human at well over 8' tall. Its complexion was ghostly pale to gray in skin tone. Its body was covered in surgical scars, and it had an immense build that granted it unnatural strength. Like most Giesel developed bio-weapons, implants were implemented to restrict its motor skills. Bombs were also surgically placed onto its chest as a fail-safe for those who deployed the Tyrant in the event that the B.O.W. ever tried to turn on them. Übersoldat's base form also wore a what appeared to be a WWII German combat Luftschutz helmet and gas mask. The helmet/gas mask functioned as this Tyrant's power limiter, as the Übersoldat would mutate into its Super Tyrant form without them.

The Übersoldat was found to be inferior to Umbrella's own Tyrant B.O.W. line, mutating into a Super Tyrant before very long. Even after mutating, the Tyrant was quickly dispatched by B.S.A.A. agents with little effort. This mutation was very reminiscent of the Hypnos-T Type's final form with the unique difference of its heart being located on its back.


When Giesel Industries was accused of developing B.O.W.s for sale on the black market, the U.N. authorized a search warrant requested by the BSAA During the investigation of Fritz Giesel's compound in Übelandia, Fritz's clone, Neuermann Giesel led the team of B.S.A.A. agents into the estate's greenhouse. When the team started to search the area it was revealed that Neuermann actually led the group into an ambush, unleashing dozens of various B.O.W.s upon the agents to collect combat data on the newly developed weapons.

As the number of B.O.W.s began to dwindle, the Übersoldat was released to defeat the remaining agents. It succeeded in brutally killing Barkin by crushing her head underfoot. Mina Gere used a fertilizer bomb crafted by Holiday Sugarman against the creature, destroying it's gas mask and helmet resulting in a Super Tyrant mutation.

After attempting to kill the Übersoldat Super Tyrant with their firearms to no avail, Mina Gere ordered Holiday Sugarman and the remaining agents to distract the monster as she circled around to its backside. Mina was then able to cut into the creature's heart located on its back and shove a hand grenade into the organ. The grenade explosion triggered other bombs surgically placed inside its body; a chain reaction tore the monster apart, killing it.

Ubersoldat Dead

The remains of the Übersoldat.


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