Further notes

The creature preparing to attack Jake and Sherry.

Ubistvo is a powerful chainsaw creature created by the C-Virus, and hatched from a Chrysalid cocoon. It has a shape that somewhat resembles a humanoid, while its "skin" colour resembles a dark red organic material. On the right side of its face, what appears to be an eye and mouth are visible. Ubistvo seems to have had a unique mutation as its right hand appears to have mutated into a chainsaw-like weapon. Its heart, ribcage, and other important organs are also located in its right arm. Ubistvo is incredibly durable, considering how massive voltages of electricity, getting crushed under steel girders and constant gunfire failed to put the creature down, only incapacitating it for a few minutes. Its death is caused by staggering into rotating helicopter blades, presumably because this shredded the creature to pieces.



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