Umbrella's End 1' is first part of the titular section of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles "Umbrella's End" scenario.


Umbrella's End begins with Chris and Jill rappelling down from their helicopter. After dispatching a group of zombies, they make their way onto a catwalk, down a ladder, and through a small tunnel. On the other side, they continue through the facility's outside complex, fighting numerous enemies. As they continue, they hear their comrades over the radio as many of their allies are killed. Eventually, the two come to a fork in the road: they can either climb a fire escape-like set of stairs, or infiltrate through the underground passage. Whichever path they take, Chris and Jill emerge in a warehouse filled with B.O.W.s. After evading a fatal trap involving a crane and fighting off a great number of Hunters, Chris and Jill ride the lift (built into the floor and designed like the Umbrella logo) down a long shaft into the underground laboratory.


Wesker: Umbrella's stock plummeted with Government enquiries into their involvement in the Raccoon City incident. Before long, they were able to redirect responsibility for the incident. Part of the blame was cleverly shifted to the American Government. Umbrella had strong ties and deep pockets, thus they were able to drag out the legal proceedings. Over time, it appeared that all evidence of Umbrella's involvement had vanished with the missile touchdown. How convenient for them. Though fortune has a way of turning when you least expect it.

February 18th, 2003 4:30pm

Wesker: It was the year 2003, Umbrella had a base of operations in Russia where they were working on a new B.O.W. They were preparing to arm the unstable regions of the world with their new bio weaponry. Chris and Jill had joined a regional biohazard containment unit and had heard the rumors about the nightmarish facility. They recklessly plunged in to shut it down. They have no idea of the awesome and terrible power that awaits them with the new B.O.W. Talos

Jill Valentine Private Regional Biohazard Containment Unit

Machine Gun Firing

Pilot: Bioweaponry spotted. They've already made it to the surface.

Chris Redfield Private Regional Biohazard Containment Unit

More Machine Gun Fire

Chris:Everybody prepare for landing. Stay on guard. We can't afford any mistakes.

Jill: I really hope this new bio-weapon is just a rumor.

Chris:We'll just take out whatever they throw at us.

Part 1Edit

Jill:B.O.W. straight ahead! Stay on guard!

Chris:Let's move it!

Soldier (on radio):Enemy Sighted!

Soldier (on radio):GO!

Soldier (on radio):I'm outta ammo!




Jill:Nice fireworks.

Jill:I wonder what it's like inside?

Chris:There could be anything in there.

Jill:We can infiltrate down below or secure the stairs.

Option 1: StairsEdit

Soldier (on radio):B.O.W. encountered. Commencing attack!

Soldier (on radio):It's nothing we can't handle. Take 'em down!

Soldier (on radio):Damn! They got me. But i can keep going.

Chris:Watch it! Keep your eyes peeled.

Soldier (on radio):Casualties are mounting! We're falling back.


Chris:That thing!

Jill: You know what to do.

Soldier (on radio):Chris, there's an important vent near your position. Can you get to it?

Jill:We're going in here?

Chris:No "ladies first" this time?

Chris:This is the place.

Chris:What's wrong Jill?

Jill:Oh... It's nothing.

Chris:Where'd they come from!?

Jill:They're all over!

Jill:They're here too!

Chris:We can jump over!

Chris:Where'd they all come from!?

Jill:We're getting surrounded! We have to fall back!

Chris:You're right! Run for it!

Chris:Damn it! Bronson!

Jill:Chris! We can't let his death be in vain.

Chris:Alright! Let's see this through!

Jill:Right! Let's go!

Jill:Here they come! Watch out!

Chris:OK! I'm ready for ya!

Chris:There were so many of them! What's with this place?

Jill:We'll have to check it out...

Option 2: Down BelowEdit

Part 1 ending

Jill:Chris, something about this floor...

Chris:Yeah, I noticed.

Chris opens a hanger.

Jill:Abandon hope...

Chris:The nightmare ends here and now! </poem>