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In the series of films, the Umbrella Corporation was depicted as being led by the Umbrella Committee, a collection of nine board members under the direction of Chairman Wesker. The committee commanded Umbrella from behind the scenes, each member based in their respective branch's facility. The committee appeared in Resident Evil: Extinction.


After the T-virus escaped Raccoon City and turned its small outbreak into the Global T-Virus pandemic, Umbrella became the only surviving entity able to defend itself. All employees were forced to retreat into the several large underground facilities around the world. Chairman Wesker was stationed at Umbrella Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, whilst his fellow committee members stayed at their own respective bases of operations. The committee often contacted the Umbrella Science Division in meetings to get updates about viral projects. The board members themselves appeared in quite realistic holograms and sat at a circular board office table, each making comments about the situation. Each individual board member was in charge of monitoring a specific area of operations, and they reported directly to Chairman Wesker about infection rates.

The committee was outraged that they would have to remain underground until the Undead were no longer active, which would take decades as noted during a meeting. A clone of Umbrella co-founder Doctor Alexander Isaacs proposed that they find the original Alice, since her blood could be used to domesticate the undead, containing a resistance to the virus. The clones he had been using to duplicate this process did not work, and Wesker declared finding Alice the utmost priority beyond all other research. The committee made sure Alexander Slater, the Science Division lieutenant, would keep an eye on Isaacs, who seemed resistant to comply with Wesker's orders to the letter.

Wesker expected an update in finding Alice in one week and adjourned the meeting. Isaacs, with help from the scanners of the White Queen, found Alice via satellite connectivity to her mental powers. The computers were only 45% sure it was the actual Alice, and her heightened use of her psionic abilities increased the probability to 62%, but Wesker ordered that Isaacs get a 100% sure knowledge that it was her before doing anything. Isaacs had been taking unauthorized trips to the surface meanwhile, collecting undead specimens, more than he was ordered to, and injecting them with the blood of the clones in an attempt to domesticate them. While they regained their memories and intelligence to an extent, the Undead also got an unexpected higher craving for flesh and became Super Undead.

Wesker was not informed of Isaacs' experiment and securing of these creatures, much to Slaters' dismay, who was forced to choose whether to side with the committee or Isaacs. The scientist soon released the Super Undead into the ruins of Las Vegas in an attempt to kill Alice and secure a sample of her blood. Isaacs did this by falsifying a voice recording of Wesker ordering him to go through with his research plans and means of getting Alice, even though Wesker really ordered Isaacs to wait until the committee's next meeting. Alice soon found Isaacs, who was bitten by an Super Undead and escaped at the last minute. Back in his lab, Isaacs injected himself with several vials of Anti-virus, not knowing that it wouldn't work after the infection increase.

Slater informed the committee of Isaac's doings, proving his loyalty, and was ordered to kill him. Slater shot Isaacs, but the doctor turned into a Tyrant and killed Slater along with all the Science Division staff. Alice, with help from one of her awakened clones and the White Queen, ensured Isaacs' defeat and was ready to make the cure to the virus which Isaacs failed to do. During another meeting, Wesker informed his fellow board members from his Tokyo outpost that all research would continue under his personal overseeing and he expected an update in a month.

Alice interrupted via hologram and told them that she was coming for them and "bringing a few of my friends", meaning her clones. She later made good on her promise of revenge to Wesker by attacking his facility in Japan with her army of clones. Despite their efforts, Chairman Wesker escaped the massacre of Umbrella staff and destroyed Umbrella Headquarters with the Purge Bomb, killing all of Alice's clones in the process. He then stripped Alice of her superhuman capabilities, but before he could kill her, the helicopter they were in crashed. Wesker later survived and battled the remaining survivors at the Arcadia. By the end of the conflict, a fleet of Umbrella ships came to the Arcadia to eliminate Alice and her friends. The current status of the other committee members besides Chairman Wesker remains unknown.

The Umbrella Committee appears to have been put in charge of Umbrella while the Umbrella High Command, the corporation's ultimate leadership, was in stasis during the global pandemic.

Known MembersEdit

  • Albert Wesker (Chairman)
  • Jacques Mercier (French Branch)
  • Colin Wainwright (United Kingdom Branch)

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