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King's Foundation
(King's BIO HAZARD2 mythos)

The Umbrella Group[note 1] is the name of a former international business giant. The Group was enormous and highly-profitable, with its CEO - "God" - resting on a net worth reaching into hundreds of billions of dollars.[1][excerpt 1]


  1. This is derived from "UMBRELLA集團" (UMBRELLA jítuán). In this case, "Group" refers to either to an organization of businesses as a hole (such as a "banking group", which would own smaller bank companies) or as a "Holding corporation" managing regional businesses.
  1. Excerpt from BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.13, page 6:
    Chinese: UMBRELLA集團最高領導人——GOD.坐擁過千億身家!其産品深入民心,他每一個舉動,也可以直接影响全球者經濟!; Pinyin: UMBRELLA jítuán zuìgāo lǐngdǎo rén——GOD. Zuò yōngguò qiān yì shēnjiā! Qí chǎnpǐn shēnrù mínxīn, tā měi yīgè jǔdòng, yě kěyǐ zhíjiē yǐngxiǎng quánqiú zhě jīngjì!

  1. BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.13, page 6

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