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Laboratorio de Umbrella

Exterior view.

This unnamed research facility operated above ground in Raccoon City, a midwest United States community. The facility was known to have been conducting research on an improved T-103, "Tyrant R" and had, shortly before the unfortunate outbreak of the t-Virus, been receiving Hunter R to battle-test the Tyrant out on. Elsewhere in the facility was a "nursery" for developing Hunter μ models.

Raccoon Umbrella Facility

The Umbrella Facility

The west area was little explored by the civilian refugee group searching for aid due to a lockdown, though a room with high-powered lasers was sighted. The central area held a pen to house the Hunter Rs awaiting their Tyrant experiment; the Tyrant was housed in its pod in the room above. The south-east area of the facility led to an emergency exit over a catwalk. Below it lay a section of the Raccoon sewers. The north-east area had an elevator ready to go down to such depths.

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