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Anderson universe
(Covers information from Anderson's universe)

Umbrella Soldiers are minor characters that appear in the Paul W.S. Anderson's Resident Evil films or their accompanying novelizations. Under the orders of either major figures of the corporation --- like Timothy Cain or Albert Wesker --- soldiers of Umbrella serve as the corporations first line of defense against Anti-Umbrella organizations; biohazardous outbreaks and major security details.The Umbrella Soldiers are designated on different bases around the world, E.g.:Tokyo(Resident Evil:Afterlife),Umbrella Prime(Resident Evil:Retribution).

Resident Evil: ApocalypseEdit

Lead Umbrella GuardEdit

The leader of the Umbrella soldiers led by Timothy Cain and apparent second-in-command to Cain. he is assumed to have been killed in the shootout at city hall either by Nemesis, Jill, or Carlos. He was portrayed by Roman Phodora.[1]

Umbrella Gate guardEdit

As seen at the Raven's Gate Bridge. He orders people to stay calm and helps the RPD and S.T.A.R.S. units evacuate the civilians from the city. When an infected man begins to suffer what appears to be a heart attack, he called for help and tried to pull the man's daughter away before Peyton Wells intervened. He was portrayed by Brian King.[2]

Umbrella MH-6 pilotEdit

He was the pilot of an MH-6 little bird during the city hall shootout, he was heard on megaphone demanding their surrender, he attempted to kill Alice when the Nemesis fired a rocket at his helecoptor and was killed when the rocket destroyed the chopper, the explosion destroyed the second chopper as well, which crashed on top of Nemesis.

Umbrella SniperEdit

He was positioned on the roof of city hall, as the survivors made their way to the helicopter, he prepared to snipe Carlos, but was stopped and knocked out by Alice. He was played by Alexander Witt. Who also directed the movie.

Umbrella PilotEdit


The helicopter pilot is a minor character, waiting on the rooftop to pick up Nemesis. When the helicopter is hit by the shockwave from nuclear explosion that destroys Raccoon City, he is presumably killed in the crash alongside Alice. His body is never recovered from the wreckage.

Resident Evil: AfterlifeEdit

Umbrella sergeantEdit


Umbrella Sergeant standing on the left.

The unnamed sergeant (portrayed by Shin Kawai[3]) was a leading Umbrella security/military officer at the Tokyo underground base. He was second-in-command of security next to Captain Hotaka. When his team became aware of the lost in transmission to the two snipers at the surface he believed it was a communications problem.


Umbrella Sergeant killed by Wesker.

After thirty minutes passed, Wesker was informed of the problem and confronted the sergeant on the situation. They witness Hotaka being killed on video feed and security is dispatched to the main entrance where the Alice clones were believed to be. The clones move further into the base, killing all the soldiers in their path. Wesker orders the sergeant to flood the entire main entrance with nerve gas. When the sergeant hesitates, Wesker executes him with his Desert Eagle.

Umbrella SoldierEdit

The security forces Wesker ordered stormed and prepared in front of the elevator.They were later all killed by one of the alice clones.After that, another group of Umbrella soldiers stormed in again.When she was about to kill them, a soldier unexpectedly shot her 3 times in her chest, killing her.The group then rushes over to the scene while 3 new alices shoots them and kills them in the action.


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