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Umbrella TeleSystems phonebook

A TeleSystems phonebook in Jill's apartment.

Umbrella TeleSystems was a telecommunications company based in Raccoon City, and a subsidiary of the Umbrella Corporation.

Role Edit

Umbrella TeleSystems payphone

TeleSystems payphones in Raccoon City.

It provided telephone and internet across across Foothill County, the largest provider in the region. In size TeleSystems was the second-largest telecommunications company in the world.

History Edit

Over contractual arguments, Umbrella TeleSystems officially declared itself to be on strike on September 23, 2002, disrupting telephone and internet communications across Raccoon City. This strike coincided with the viral outbreak the next day.[1]

Further notesEdit

In the DeCandido novelization, it is instead Verizon which runs the landlines in Raccoon City.


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