The following article details a list of "Umbrella Trains" owned by the Umbrella Corporation.

Ecliptic Express

Appearing in Resident Evil 0, the Ecliptic Express is a private passenger train traveling through the Arklay Mountains, transporting Umbrella workers to and from Raccoon City.

While transporting researchers and guards to the abandoned Research Facility on July 23, 1998, it became infested with Leeches and the t-Virus. All on board were killed. The train was restarted and crashed into the buffers at the Research Facility later that day. The locomotive resembles a General Motors EMD E unit.

Umbrella Factory/Raccoon City Underground Laboratory Railcar


Appearing in Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil 2, the railcar used in the Umbrella Factory was utilized primarily to transport personnel and supplies. It is usually stabled on the turntable that also functions as a large freight elevator, from the disused factory facade above to the secret laboratory below.

When several survivors of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident began to evacuate the facility around the 26th, they used the train in an attempt to escape the city. The train was later returned to the turntable. Around the 30th, it was used by survivors; Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong, and later; Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin.

Galaxie 5000

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A modern and fast train, stabled at a platform on the bottom level of the facility. The tunnel from this led out to the city limits. Sometime around the 26th September 1998, an Umbrella worker named Monica attempted to use the train to escape, but lacked the appropriate ID card to start it. On the 30th, it was used by Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redifeld and Sherry Birkin to evacuate the facility before the self-destruct sequence ended.

Unfortunately, just short of escaping intact, the mutated William Birkin broke into the train, causing a "Biohazard alert" to go off, activating the train's own self-destruct sequence. The survivors were able to stop the train just short of the tunnel mouth and escaped before it too exploded.

The train appeared in Resident Evil 2 as the escape train, Resident Evil Outbreak as Monica`s attempted escape, Resident Evil Darkside Chonicles as the escape train, and had a cameo in Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City.

Alexi 5000

See also: Alexi 5000

In Resident Evil, the Alexi 5000 connected the Arklay mansion with the Hive. It is three times in the film to access or leave the Hive by Alice, Matt Addison, members of the UBCS and Spence Parks. The amnesiac Spence Parks is found unconscious on the outside of the train after his attempt to escape was thwarted by the Red Queen.

Later, Alice, Matt, and the two surviving members of the UBCS team - Rain Ocampo and Chad Kaplan - use the train to escape. They encounter an undead Spencer just outside the train, Alice kills him and retrieves the Anti-Virus. Only Alice and Matt make it out, Rain succumbing to infection and Kaplan being killed by the Advanced Licker.