The Umbrella Waste Disposal Facility was a facility in the Atlantic Ocean used for the disposal of failed bio-weapons.


Located in the Atlantic Ocean, the facility was used as a dumping ground for Umbrella's failed experiments. It was also the facility where the Umbrella scientist, Morpheus D. Duvall worked as an executive researcher. Some of the failed experiments included Glimmers and the Nautilus. For unknown reasons, the facility was eventually shut-down, although the failed test subjects detained at the facility were still active, eventually breaking free and overrunning it. In 2002, Bruce McGivern and Fong Ling followed Morpheus to the island, following the destruction of the Spencer Rain. They were eventually able to kill Morpheus after he mutated from being injected with the t+G virus. They escaped on a submarine moments before the facility was destroyed by the t-Virus warheads launched from the missile silo, beneath.

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