Uncompromising Parker is an article in Resident Evil Recollections. It was uploaded on 20 August 2015.


Parker transferred from the FBC to the BSAA during the Terragrigia Panic, is well-known as a resolute operative.
We haven't seen many, if any, characters with a slightly "fuller" silhouette in the RE games, so I'm sure he's been a hit among older fans...anyhow he's easily one of the good guys (if not best guys even) in Resident Evil Revelations.

Parker can be used a number of times in the game, and his lariat along with his powerful axe makes him a beast in close combat, and have saved me countless times now.

His trusting nature can backfire at times, but that's what you get with Parker and he wouldn't have it any other way. Find out more in Resident Evil Revelations!

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