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Alice running from zombies in Afterlife

Alice running from undead in Afterlife.

Undead is the name given to humans who have succumbed to T-virus infection. They are lacking in intelligence, focusing all remaining brain power on hunting down the uninfected as a source of food. According to Dr. Alexander Isaacs, the Undead do not actually need flesh for sustinance, but are driven by some other means.[1] Those who survive attacks by the Undead will eventually transform into more Undead should they not receive the Anti-Virus in time.

Undead in the streets of Raccoon City


Super UndeadEdit

In Resident Evil: Extinction, a new species of artificially-created Undead was introduced. These undead are unofficially called Super Undead. They were supposed to be domesticated by injecting a serum with Alice's blood, which did work, until the undead found a problem which it could not solve, causing a more primitive violence and anger, reverting it back to its (though vastly faster and stronger) original undead state. A batch of these undead were then made and shipped to Las Vegas (the convoy's destination). The convoy found the crate and released the batch of Super Undead, killing and reducing much more members of the convoy. This was also accomplished when Alice was controlled by Umbrella for a short time, enough for the Super Undead to eliminate remaining members before being killed by her and biting Alexander Isaacs, the one who originally made them.

Las Plagas UndeadEdit

In Afterlife, another variant of undead was introduced in the trailers which mirrored Las Plagas. These undead variant are not truly infected by the Plagas, instead the Plaga-like growth they had are stated as a new T-Virus mutation.



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