The underground parking garage was used by the Raccoon City Police to park their vehicles. Also, this is the place where Leon first meets Ada on both scenarios. This area is featured in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, but also makes a cameo in the opening scene of the final scenario of Resident Evil OutbreakDecisions, Decisions.


Most of the parking space are parked with RPD vehicles. The ramp going outside the building has been shut down.


Leon met Ada for the first time here after she had fired her gun, mistaken Leon for a zombie. Ada explained to Leon that she is looking for a reporter Ben somewhere inside the building. Later the two would work together to push an RPD van that's blocking the door that lead to the B1F west hall.

As Claire, she cannot enter the west hall in Scenario A, but can in Scenario B after a certain point.

Later, in the early hours of October 1, George Hamilton made his way inside the garage, which has been turned into a temporary shelter for civilians. George notices a note to him, signed by Peter Jenkins, one of his alumnus, hanging on a nearby wall, instructing him to go to Raccoon University. A few hours later, George leads a group of survivors into the university.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
The RPD Van The hand brake is loose but I can't move it along.
The ramp up ahead I can't go any further.

Further notes

Resident Evil 2

  • The RPD van's writing erroneously reads "Emergencey Dail 9-1-1" due to a grammatical error. This is consistent even in the Japanese version and the later ports of the game.

Resident Evil Outbreak

  • Matthew makes a cameo in the opening scene as one of the survivors inside the garage.

Resident Evil Outbreak File #2

  • Players can push a crate that will give them a shortcut to the Front entrance.
  • Players will start here on Hard Difficulty.
  • There's a broken patrol that can be pushed to get some items from below it. On single player mode, only Mark can push it and be able to get the items.