The Underground waterway (地下水路 Chika suiro?) is an area of the Sheena Island sewers.[1]


The south underground waterway is a passage composed of ceiling pipe above and filled with sewer water below. The pavement mainly leads to two room underground waterway A and the managers room. There's a orange spray vinyl on the wall nearby the door toward the manager room.


If player entered from the ladder of the arcade video game building, the door toward the underground passage will be locked. If player entered from the underground passage A, the ladder will become inaccessible.


Location Localization Original script
The door to the Underground passage A if the player didn't come from there (Locked SFX) It's locked from the other side.
Either of the two ladders if the player didn't come from there The manhole lid is closed.




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Further NotesEdit

  • The orange sprayed vinyl located nearby the door to the manager's room says "No one is admitted to this room without a permit."