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Underwater Facility (海底の研究所 Kaitei no kenkyūjo?) is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6.


Neo-Umbrella's deep-sea research facility was built so the group could have a secret location to create B.O.W.s.

Teams of scientists extracted magma from below the ocean floor to find bacteria and microbes that could thrive in such extreme conditions, and then added their traits to the C-Virus to give life to powerful B.O.W.s.

Where Neo-Umbrella found the financial backing to construct such an august facility remains unknown.

Below is a memo written by a researcher from that deep-sea facility.


It's been a week since my orders brought me here. Who would have thought a structure like this could exist this far underwater? And the only reason they built it was for creating and containing Haos. Just one big, expensive incubator. I hope it was worth it.






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