The Unicorn Medal (ユニコーンのメダル yunikōn no medaru?) is a key item used in the Raccoon Police Department in Resident Evil 2 and the Desperate Times scenario in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.


"Something is engraved on the back. 'Please guide me to the beautiful maiden who turned into stone as she waited for me.'"
— Item examination - English

"裏に何か刻まれている “どうかみちびいて下さい 石像になるまで待っていた美しきおとめの下へ・・・” "
— Item examination - Japanese

Around September 27th, Raccoon SWAT officer, Kevin Ryman took the Unicorn Medal from the statue in the Main Hall. He placed it on a lock near a painting to reveal a hidden safe containing Magnum ammo.[1]

After he and Rita escaped the Police precinct, some surviving police officers returned to the building around the 28th. In their hopes of repairing the damage to the building and re-using it to protect civilians, the Unicorn Medal was moved from the safe, to the first floor S.T.A.R.S. room. By the evening of the 29th the only police still alive were an infected Marvin Branagh, an insane Brian Irons, rookie Leon S. Kennedy and Elliot Edward. Leon was the only one to leave the premises.[2]

Leon placed this medal back onto the statue to claim the Spade Key.[3]



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