The courtyard (中庭 nakaniwa?) is a location in Resident Evil 6.[2] It is the final location explored in Chapter 1-2 of the Leon Story.


From the lecture hallEdit

Upon entering the courtyard, there is a checkpoint. Hannigan will instruct Leon and Helena to head to the security gate.[notes 1] There are many zombies in the courtyard. There are also several crows in the area. If they are killed, they will be added to the Records. The southeast corner of the courtyard has two 9mm Ammo pickups in front of some vending machines. In the southwest corner, there is a Green Herb and a Red Herb beside the food on the tables. After examining the security gate, Hannigan will make contact again. The camera will focus on a doorway to the south. Enter the doorway using a Partner Action.

This door leads to the staff building.

From the staff buildingEdit

With the Campus Keycard, the security gate can be opened using the Partner Action button. This leads to the west entrance.[notes 2] When the player walks through the metal detector (as either Leon or Helena), a scene will trigger where the alarm sounds and the remaining zombies on campus gather on the other side of the gate. They can be shot but cannot break through. There is also a checkpoint here. There are three zombies inside of the room. There is a Partner Door at the end of the room leading to the area outside of the student dorms.[notes 3]

From the west entrance, Hannigan will make contact with Leon and Helena. Multiple zombies crowd this area. At the very end of the area is a patrol car.[notes 4] Whichever player makes it to the car first will activate a scene where both players are inside of the car. An event will begin. As Leon, the player is prompted to search the car to find the keys. As Helena, the player will only be able to control the camera. After finding the keys, the player (as Leon) will have to complete an Action Event to start the patrol car. A scene will play where Leon and Helena attempt to escape and crash the car after it is ambushed by zombies. The two talk with Hannigan once again. There are a number of zombies beyond the wreckage that can be shot and defeated but cannot reach the players. A Partner Action is needed to jump down the manhole[notes 5] near the wreckage.

The manhole leads underground to the subway.


Further notesEdit

  • The directory on campus also refers to this area as the "Benford Yard". The name has no known relation to President Adam Benford.
  • The flags in the first area on campus are hung in different positions. Promotional images for the area show the flags hung correctly. The flags seen outside of the student dorms are hung correctly.
  • There are cars in the area with European license plates.



  1. The original Japanese script in Resident Evil 6 refers to this area as the "security gate" (セキュリティーゲート sekyuritigēto?).
  2. The directory found on the campus refers to this area as the "West Entrance".
  3. The directory found on the campus refers to this area as the "Student Dorm".
  4. The Official Complete Guide calls this the "patrol car" (パトカー patokā?).
  5. The Official Complete Guide calls this the "manhole" (マンホール manhōru?).
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