The staff building (職員棟 shokuin-tō?) is a location in Resident Evil 6.[2] The Campus Keycard is found here.


There is a checkpoint after entering the building. There are two boxes of 9mm Ammo and a Green Herb in the corridor.[notes 1] There is a Partner Action door at the end of the corridor leading to the staff room.[notes 2] On single player mode, the Partner Character will stand beside the door with their gun drawn. After completing the Partner Action, a scene triggers where the security alarm is activated and draws the attention of the zombies on the football field and tennis court. The zombies will come in through the windows and attack the players for a set amount of time until Hannigan is able to hack the system and unlock the door. A scene will trigger immediately after where Leon and Helena dash into the staff room and are prevented from shutting the door. As Leon, the player will have to shoot the two zombies in the doorway. There is a box of 9mm Ammo on the floor during this event. As Helena, the player will have to continually complete the Action Event to keep the door closed. If the player fails to complete the Action Event, the zombies will not break through. However, the player (as Leon) will still need to neutralize the zombies in order to advance. After the event is over, a scene will trigger where Helena slams the door shut and barricades it. There is a checkpoint after this scene.

The 9mm Ammo from the event will still be on the floor if it was not obtained earlier. A desk drawer in the room can be opened using the Solo Action button to reveal a box of 9mm Ammo. The door to the next room can be opened with the Solo Action button. Two more desk drawers can be opened in the next room. The drawer near the windows has a box of 9mm Ammo. The drawer near the body has a Serpent Emblem which unlocks the "Leon and Adam" file when shot at or cut with the Survival Knife. The door to the next room can be opened using the Partner Action button.

The Campus Keycard can be found at the back of the room. After grabbing it, the zombie in the room will attack the player. The other zombies in the staff building will also attack when approached now. Back in the first area of the staff room, the door will be unbarred and open. Through the corridor, one zombie will jump through the window and two zombies on the floor will attack. The exit is also open now. When the player approaches the doorway, four zombies will fall from above.

The exit leads back to the courtyard.




  1. The Official Complete Guide names this area the "corridor" (廊下 rōka?).
  2. The Official Complete Guide calls this the "staff room" (職員室 shokuin-shitsu?).
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