The elevator (エレベーター erebētā?) is a location in Resident Evil 6.[2]


Upon entering the elevator, a cutscene will begin. After the scene, there will be a checkpoint. Immediately after the players will be attacked by Liz. She will lunge toward Leon and the player (as Leon) will have to perform an Action Event to avoid being attacked. As Helena, the player will have to shoot Liz. Then Liz will lunge toward Helena, causing another Action Event, while the other player (as Leon) will have to shoot at Liz. Helena will break free and shoot Liz in the head once the event is over. The elevator will continue down and Helena and Leon will comment on the situation. Several zombies can be heard. There will be another checkpoint. The elevator will stop and four zombies will rush inside once the door is open.

The exit leads to the underground parking lot.


Further notesEdit

  • Earlier on the second floor, the elevator's power is out. Later on the first floor, the power seems to have been restored temporarily before shorting out once again during the cutscene. It is likely that the electrical problems are due to the storm outside.
  • During the scene where the zombies break inside the elevator, the amount of stops on the elevator can be seen. There are five stops, with the underground parking lot being the last one.



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