The party venue (パーティー会場 pātī kaijō?) is a location in Resident Evil 6.[2]


From the second floor

A small scene will trigger where Leon and Helena overlook the lower level and talk about the party. There is a staircase to the left. At the bottom of the staircase, another scene will trigger where Leon or Helena will rest their arm on the banister and see a shadow move into a room on the opposite side of the venue. The player will now be able to dash. There is one chair in the aisle that the player will run into when approaching the opposite side of the venue.

The door at the destination leads to the kitchen.

From the kitchen

After returning from the kitchen with Liz's father, the lights in the venue have gone out. Leon and Helena will be equipped with flashlights. Liz's father will hurry to the staircase. A flash of lightning will cause the player characters to flinch. A scene will trigger where a chandelier falls and blocks the staircase. The door next to the staircase can be opened with the Solo Action button.

The door leads to the school building (1F).


Further notes

  • The door to the first floor of the school building can be opened at any time. However, the player cannot advance beyond the hall without investigating the kitchen first.



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