The school building (1F) (校舎1階 kōsha 1-kai?) is a location in Resident Evil 6.[2] Liz is introduced here.


The first room has a staircase that leads to the school building (2F).

There is also a locked door that needs to be opened by Liz's father. This can only be done after investigating the kitchen. Liz's father will search the area before unlocking the door and entering the next room. In the next room, he will have difficulty breathing before unlocking the next door leading into the corridor.[notes 1] If the exit across from the corridor entrance is explored, the sound of a dog barking will be triggered. Heading toward Liz's father, a short scene triggers where he and Leon discuss escaping the building through the elevator. After this, Liz's father lifts up a barricade blocking their path and continues down the corridor. Piano music can be heard at this point. At the very end of the hall is a Partner Action door that can be opened after it is unlocked by Liz's father.

Once inside of the music room,[notes 2] Liz will appear from around the corner and a scene between she and her father will begin. On single player mode, the partner character will crouch down and examine the two bodies on the floor. The player must follow Liz and her father down the corridor. After Leon and Liz's father discuss the elevator, a crashing sound can be heard. The barricade in the middle of the corridor has fallen and a Partner Action is needed to clear the passage once again. The elevator door will be open.

This leads to the elevator.


Further notes

  • Despite hearing a dog barking in the corridor, there are no dog enemies at the university.
  • The piano melody being played in the music room appears to be "Clair de lune" by Debussy.
  • Earlier in the chapter, the power to the elevator is out. Between then and finding Liz, it is momentarily restored.



  1. The Official Complete Guide names this area the "corridor" (廊下 rōka?).
  2. The Official Complete Guide calls this the "music room" (音楽室 ongaku-shitsu?).
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