The underground parking lot (地下駐車場 chika chūshajō?) is a location in Resident Evil 6.[2] It is the final location explored in Chapter 1-1 of the Leon Story.


A scene will trigger where a man collapses on top of a car and sets off the car alarm. There will be several zombies in the area. The man from the scene can be examined with the Solo Action button. A box of 9mm Ammo can be found next to him. Another man by the shutters on the western wall will become an active zombie and attack when approached. When the player approaches the exterior ramp, another short scene will begin where zombies from outside of the building attempt to break in from the street level. The building manager's office[notes 1] by the exterior ramp has a Partner Action door. A cutscene will play upon entering the office where Leon and Helena watch surveillance footage from the staff building on campus.

After the cutscene, chapter 1-2 begins in the lecture hall.


Further notes

  • Markers in the parking lot indicate that this is lot "6". There are only five stories in the guest building,[notes 2] potentially ruling out that this is the sixth level.



  1. The Official Complete Guide calls this room the "building manager's office" (管理人室 kanrininshitsu?).
  2. The elevator only has 5 stops, as shown during a cutscene.
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