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"All pages are blank. What's it for...?"
— Item examination (1996)

"It's a book with a red cover. Nothing is printed on any of the pages. Is there a special way to use it?"
— Item examination (2002)

The Unprinted Book (called the red book before examination) is a key item that can be found in Resident Evil. The title of the book is "bandage with blood."


It can be used in room 003 to reveal a door leading to Point 42.


It is found in the Staff Bar of the Dormitory.

Further NotesEdit

  • If you return to Room 003 after the battle with Plant 42, this book will be missing and the door leading into Point 42 will be locked once more. The implication is that someone (presumably Wesker) took the book after the player entered to make sure they could not escape.




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