Up and Away With Linda (Kevin)

Up and Away With Linda (Kevin)

Up and Away With Linda

Up and Away With Linda is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. This scene is played in the "end of the road" scenario if the player character escapes Raccoon City in the Helicopter with Linda.

The scene depicts Rodriguez's Chinook taking off and departing Raccoon City through a barrage of missiles. In this scenario, Tommy Nielsen is not shown firing a Stinger missile at the helicopter, and the capsule containing Nyx is not lost.

The scene cuts to the interior of the Heaven's Gate command location, where military personnel oversee the execution of the Sterilization Operation, called "Mission Code XX" here. As in Resident Evil Outbreak, the operation is depicted as involving missile bombardment, not the detonation of a single warhead over the city center.

The scene concludes with a shot of the player's character overlooking the fireball from a safe distance. Both Linda and Rodriguez are present.


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