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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
Resident Evil Archives - page 246

A map of Raccoon City. The Uptown district south of Ennerdale St. and to the west of the river.

The Uptown district of Raccoon City was located towards the centre of the city. It was immediately south of the Downtown district, the two being separated by Ennerdale Street, a main road that the Raccoon City Police Department was based on.


Uptown was primarily where the inner city houses were located, along with establishments such as a boutique and the Black Jack Bar.


Uptown was divided into seven major roads: Davies Street; Ema Street; Ennerdale Street; Fisson Street; Fox Street; Jack Street, and Warren Street. Raccoon High School was located between Fox; Davies and Ennerdale.

Resident Evil 3

The list of rooms in Uptown (19 overall in order of appearance):



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