Urban Chaos is a stage present in The Mercenaries and all additional contents in Resident Evil 6 and is unlocked by default. This stage seems to be in another area within China as it is not seen in the Campaign.

It contains six time bonuses and three combo bonuses. The enemies are noticeably weaker than their campaign counterpart, such as the Bloodshot dying from taking a hit from a Coup de Grace. As the player begins the stage, the zombies' moves are limited to only scratching and using melee weapons but expands further such as being able to leap and vomit and also being accurate with ranged weapons.

More advanced mutations such as the Whopper and Bloodshots start to spawn as the player kills enemies. The Hidden Boss in this stage is the Napad and for it to spawn the player needs to kill 15 enemies with a Counter-Attack before the kill count reaches 80.