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The engine of the UPV (truck is behind the group).

The Urban Pacification Vehicle (or UPV) was an armored vehicle utilised by the United States Army. It was abandoned in Los Angeles after the 2002 global T-virus pandemic.


When the T-virus reached Los Angeles, the US Army was deployed to the Citadel Correctional Facility intent on using it as a fortress. Nonetheless, they were forced to evacuate soon after and left the UPV behind, likely due to its engine having been taken out. For several years it was hidden in the garage, inaccessible to a group of survivors led by Luther, who had moved into the prison. A soldier named Chris Redfield was aware of the UPV, though refused to reveal its existence due to the group mistaking him for a prisoner and keeping him in a cell. When Chris was freed by Alice and Claire Redfield, the group was made aware of the UPV and made using it part of their escape plan for reaching Arcadia. Angel Ortiz, Kim Yong and Bennett broke into the garage to commandeer the vehicle, but were forced to abandon it when they discovered the engine was outside of it and would take time to reinstall it.