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'Urban Warfare is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is present in Chapter 2 of Chris' Story.



Sherry: "Sherry Birkin - National Security!"

Chris: "Sherry Birkin? You were in Raccoon City."

Sherry: "How do you know that?"

Chris: "Claire."

Sherry: "Wait... Are you Chris?"

Chris: "My sister's told me about you."

Piers: "Chris, that man is a wanted insurgent."

Sherry: "Yes, he's a mercenary. But right now he's under the protection of the US goverment. He's no threat to BSAA."

Jake: "Unless someone pays me to be."

Piers: "What did you just say?"

Jake: "What?"

Chris: "Nothing."

HQ: "HQ to Alpha Team. Reinforcements are unable to land due to anti-aircraft artillery. Take them out."

Chris: "Alpha Team copy."

BSAA: "What the-? We're picking up a large bogey on radar. It's heading right for you!"

Chris: "We'll talk later. Right now you need to find cover."

The original Japanese transcript for this file is not yet present. Please add it.


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