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Uroboros is a cutscene in Resident Evil 5, played at the end of Chapter 5-2.



Chris: "Sheva!"

Excella (speakers): ": Well, glad you could make it."

Excella: "Up here, you two."

Chris: "Excella... where's Jill!?"

Excella: "Jill, Jill, Jill. You're like a broken record, you know that? Just as single-minded as he said. You've spent so long trying to track down Uroboros, well, here. Enjoy."

Sheva: "So Uroboros is a new B.O.W. And you're planning on selling it to terrorists."

Excella: "Good guess, but no. While it does resemble the B.O.W.s based on the Progenitor Virus, I have no intention of selling it to terrorists."

Chris: "Then what are you using it for?"

Excella: "Evolution. It's a philosopher's stone, one that will choose through DNA who shall proceed to the next stage. My vision and his combined, now made a reality."

Sheva: "Evolution? What are you talking about!?"

Excella: "Oh, you'll find out soon enough. Everyone will."

Excella: "Hmm, too bad. Looks like he wasn't worthy. Only the chosen ones are
fit for the coming new world."

Chris: "Excella! Wait!"



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