Recently, I have been a complete Resident Evil addict. Which consists of playing the games as much as you possibly can in one day and the next. Watching all 3 movies, outakes,extra's and deleted scenes,commentary, last night and finishing today. I don't know what has come over me, but these past few days after playing Resident Evil 4 I've just become so much more interested in the series than I used to be. It's like I need to know more, I thank this fan wiki for it's packed full information on all topics gosh what would I do without it. It's a shame I do not have the money to buy an xbox I mean if I did i'd have Re5 by now and the rest.

Anyway, i'm fine with what I have, Resident Evil 4 is just so interesting, Out Break Files, hmm I haven't decided but I did buy them and they are ok, but I just dislike the camera angles. And finally Code Veronica, a very early game, still none the less it is interesting.

I've always found in Resident Evil games that I enjoy reading the files, mainly staff files and reports. You know the ones where you can find out more about how people lived, before and after the t-virus started,and the las plagas.

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