• 1onskates

    Resident Evil 6

    October 8, 2010 by 1onskates

    Resident Evil 6 needs to be an alternate interquel. As an example, here is my perspective on how any new installment to the franchise should be: In 2001, Albert Wesker contracts Umbrella to other pharmaceutical corporations without a choice when he is permanently injured in a fixed accident. Shortly 3 years after, a BSAA squad arrives to arrest and convict him. In an intial twist, a perculiar scourge of prototyped infected stalk Wesker and fledge an attack on all BSAA headquarters aross the world. As the heart of the spreading catastrophe heightens, Albert breaks free of the BSAA's custody, taking two of the most skilled agents along him; Detective Cartee M. Brooks, and Forensic Scientist Anderson Mauville. The hanpicked prisoneā€¦
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