Resident Evil 6 needs to be an alternate interquel. As an example, here is my perspective on how any new installment to the franchise should be:      In 2001, Albert Wesker contracts Umbrella to other pharmaceutical corporations without a choice when he is permanently injured in a fixed accident. Shortly 3 years after, a BSAA squad arrives to arrest and convict him. In an intial twist, a perculiar scourge of prototyped infected stalk Wesker and fledge an attack on all BSAA headquarters aross the world.      As the heart of the spreading catastrophe heightens, Albert breaks free of the BSAA's custody, taking two of the most skilled agents along him; Detective Cartee M. Brooks, and Forensic Scientist Anderson Mauville. The hanpicked prisoners guide Wesker to a chopper, but, he and Brooks are sniped down, with the exception that Mauville is ingested by a horde of zombies.      The remaining BSAA perform a necropsy on the zombies' bodies, and find an encrypted code uncovering pieces of evidence behind Umbrella's contract, leading them to the companies that own Umbrella, allowing them to shut their research down for investigation. The new Umbrella doesn't take too kindly to the enforced tactic; tempting the head of Umbrella, Dr. Manson Phettel, to unleash a combined fleet of soldiers and his experiments while he escapes via a vesselwith his colleagues.       BSAA expendable recruits Alan Oliveira and Marley Redfield are granted the authority to execute Order 209671, an executive worldwide order to track the enemy, evacuate the innocent, and have free control over the BSAA militia. --- The enemies are a list of infected categorized to how early in the game they are encountered.Creatures: Zombies- Speedy hosts of the T-virus that randomly vomit vision weaking fluids. They can encountered with mines strapped to them, or caught on fire.  Reapers- A mix of a cockroach and a locust-type enemy that stands on two of its six legs. The only two ways to kill are to decapitate with it along with severing five legs, or to blow its chest open, and then continue fire upon it. The will execute a cutscene where a victim has the choice of pushing back the Reaper, or letting it kill him/her. Reapers can take the air to either escape, or blow dust into a victim's eyes.  Tranquilas- Civilians infected by the common zombie who have extremely weak immune systems(mostly the infants/elderly.) that will not attacked unless provoked, where then their bodies are flayed right down the middle, revealing organs(weak spots) and scythed weapons consisting of extended bone deformities.  Trapt Cluster- A combined entity of five adults that attack using a large spine that freely controlled by their combined brainpower. The only way to defeat is by severing the five away from eachother, as the last one attached will be entirely crushed by his/her massive spine.  Stalkers- The definition of infected canines, felines, primates, bears, large worms, deer, and moose.(animals that were pets and zoo animals.) They will attempt to lure their victims into a trap, where they will be ambushed by massive packs of them. Crimson Head- Super Zombies, if you will, that will continue to revive themselves until they are ignited, or fully dismembered. Tethers- Humans in between the ages of 4-17 that attack in large groups similar to Stalkers(above), but will only attack when their targets aren't wielding weapons. They will confront enemies nonetheless if they are in groups of five or less.  Bandersnatch- Right-armed fiends that attack solely with it. They can their weapon to lunge towards things by gripping onto other objects nearby. They also can swing their arm in a drunken fury.  Pact- Swarms of small infected birds, bugs, fish, snakes, rodents, and reptiles.  Lickers- Foes larger than a grown man that posses multiple tongues to cut, drag, or constrict bystanders.  Bleeders- Muscular infected humans that continuously leak strong acids extremely lethal to even armored vehicles. Their limbs are extremly weak, to the point that if they are hit, arterial acid will spurt by the gallons for a few moments before clogging once again.  Enhanced Zombie- Highly intelligent zombies that are moderately faster than the average zombie, with the same health as one, but attain high endurance to damage, and high attack. Some can have the function of carrying melee weapons: chainsaws, crowbars, tools, and firearms. Charger- A large, infected rhinoscerous that will charge enemies in a straight line. Their eyes have been powered further to see long-distanced enemies.  Hunter- Large, humanoid amphibian creatures with large claws that will mindlessly attack others, even other infected. They are critically weak to electrical attacks.  Tyrants- High-classed B.O.Ws that possess regenerative and adaptable abilities. They are usually encountered as mini-bosses.   T-Virus Parasite- Limbs rarely found among infected that will disperse when their host is dead and attach to, and control other infectants.  Eliminator- A blobbed mass of zombie that has hidden tentacles around it. When something triggers one of them, the tentacle will drag them until the immobile zombie can devour them. Sometimes, the Eliminator can launch a blob of stringy web that will entangle a victim in preparation for consumation.  Vowel- A tall, fat, and hunched zombie that wields extra zombied parts: heads, claws, teeth, spines, internal tissues.It can use these parts to build zombies in the midst of a battle whil it is still attackin with other spare zombified parts. They can also launch embryos of zombied fetuses from its chest.  Rapines- Tall, slim, skeletal infected with long, razor claws. They perform a insta-kill attack with their claws, but canvomit a sphere of acid to deal moderate damage. They only attack if the victim's back is turned.    Environments:  Skyscrapers, Towns, Vessels, Umbrella laboratories, deserts, tundras, aquatic, coastal, storms, sewers, subway stations, airplanes, airports. Weapons- In order from which are obtained from the beginning to the end. Weapons found in levels 1-    Squad Gun- A three-round chambered revolver, each shot equivalent to 3 Beretta 93R rounds. SG-57- A low rate-of-fire automatic handgun that fires momentarily stunning electrified slugs.   CS Bolt-Action Rifle- A long-ranged, non-scoped rifle suitable for aquatic environments. It can fire standard rounds, electro rounds, and flash rounds.  Beretta 93R- A long-ranged weapon that fires 9mm rounds. Beretta PX4 Storm- A long-ranged weapon that will kill most zombies with a single headshot. It can also fire six-pointrounds.  Grenade- A shrapnel-based explosive. Flash Grenade- An explosive that releases a blinding flash.  Weapons found in level 2- PSG-1- A semi-automatic, low-capacity sniper rifle that deals a high amount of damage. It can also fire mercenary ammo, which takes shrapnel from walls or one's body, and force the debris to hit multiple targets. SIG 556- An automatic assault rifle with automatic rounds capable of incredible stopping power.  Incendiary Grenade- An exposive that engulfs enemies in flames upon detonation. Flamethrower- An incendiary chemical launcher that has two types of ammunition, flammable fluid that ignites and explodes targets to bits when exposed to gunfire, and the standard napalm fuel. A rare type of ammo allows the Flamethrower to fire pipe bombs and molotov cocktails.  Weapons found in level 3-   continued soon

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