• 23we23wesp1

    23we23wesp1 20:00, June 14, 2010 (UTC)*I tried to start up a quote page, a page reserved for some of the more memerable lines in the series.This was deled unfortuantaly. "Don't you worry girly, I'm keeping a close eye on things." -Kendo

    • I was inspired to do this because of the Random Quote thing on the main page, ya, the one that plays the same ten lines over and over untill the next game or whatever comes out then adds maby two sentences worth of quotations."this door is locked." Claire
    • So I'm putting out a request that after I make the quote page, linked t othe Misc. catagory, that so one delete it, or if someone dose it be recreated. " I died in the crash...Is that whatthey told you?" -Krauser
    • Also I beg..half-beg you to assist me, if I m…
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