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  • 900bv

    I'd rather not say confirmed, as I don't want to be banished to Resident Evil Wiki limbo.

    Well, it seems like we have our first RE6 Achievements leak, and from reading it, I can say that it seems incredibly legitimate. There are a couple of things that threw me off that opinion, but all in all, it seems like this is the definitive list.

    As you can see, most of the achievements have icons, and this is what basically shouted out to me "OFFICIAL LIST". They don't look like fan-made icons either, they all look official. Also, the names are light-hearted and jokey, much like in RE5, although that doesn't mean anything really.

    The one thing that through me off is that there is one achie…

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  • 900bv

    Well, looks like RE6 is going to be much bigger than first promised. With the news that Ada is getting her own campaign coming just earlier this week, Bloody Disgusting have just posted an article detailing a screenshot showing a fuller campaign selection screen, but underneath Ada, a mysterious 'Prelude' campaign is shown.

    Now, I've had a couple of ideas about this.

    What I first thought is that this Prelude is the Edonia sections that have already been shown. However, with the Chris demo at SDCC showing Edonia footage in Chris' campaign, this is unlikely. It could however be Jake and his mercenary team, which could give Jake a good bit of backstory, and show why he is a bit of an a**.

    Then I thought of something that would be much more incre…

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  • 900bv

    Another day, another stroke of Resident Evil 6 information. This time though, footage is involed! Hooray! To see the new Jake footage, lookie here:

    The demo doesn't reveal very much. Tridenter has added some of the new info found in it, and one of the big things is the 'reveal' of the Chrysalid, a repitllian J'avo evolution that looks like Newts from Fallout. They look bloody powerful though, requiring a couple of Elephant Killer shots to kill. You can also knee them in the face.

    A couple of new weapons are shown, namely the Bear Commander (an assault rifle of sorts), the Sniper Rifle (looks like a Dragunov) and the Shotgun. Jake manages to hold five weapons (the other two being the 909 and Elephan…

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  • 900bv

    Hmm, I have the ever-growing feeling this wont reach blog regulation standards. Oh well, it's informative. According to the Capcom Unity website, they will be showing brand new footage from Resident Evil 6. I don't know if this is actually completely new or they'll just show the Summer Jam demos in English or something, but it's something to look forward to nonetheless.

    The Resident Evil 6 Schedule is as follows:

    Thursday (12th July, 2012)

    • 1:00pm - Jake demo
    • 3:00pm - RE6 Chris demo

    Friday (13th July, 2012)

    • 10:00am - Leon demo (with producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi)
    • 1:00pm - Leon demo

    Saturday (14th July, 2012)

    • 1:00pm - Jake demo
    • 4:00pm - Chris demo

    Sunday (15th July, 2012)

    • 1:00pm - Leon demo

    I don't know if all the demos are different (with the exception …

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  • 900bv

    WARNING: This blog contains spoilers based around the demo leak. Read at your own will.

    For some reason people actually read something titled Inexplicable Ideas, so I thought I was permitted to make a sequel. In all honesty, these a more wish-listy, but I think they make some sort of sense.

    From the demo hacking it seems to be that Ada will have her own campaign, something reported way back in the year by, um, IGN I think. What is interesting is that her co-op partner has been listed as 'Helper'. Good job keeping spoilers out Capcom! Well, even though the snow-woman isn't Ada, I still think this is possible. The helper is Mr. Ustanak. Sure, he's a bit big, and it's slightly nonsensical to make a character that will obviously die playable, bu…

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